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Breastfeeding Health Literacy Survey and Questionnaire

Things are going great in our neck of the woods! How about you?

We are all working hard to get the public supported and educated on birth breastfeeding and more. One of our ladies is part of a food bank that just got started. She will hopefully soon start work on a diaper bank that will include classes on how to use and make cloth diapers!

I’ve been observing birthing classes in preparation to begin some pregnancy and birth classes in the future. That’s something I really want to get started but worry about my adequacy in teaching. I had some pretty quick births and I will have to learn a lot of things that need to be used or may be wanted during longer births.

I do need some help from you all out there, though. I’m trying to do a a quick “Breastfeeding Basics in Less Than 30 minutes” series. We will be starting the class as part of our breastfeeding support group for the Greater Valley area. We will do it once a month for 4-6 weeks. The key to making this work is focusing on the information that is needed most during those quick 30min, or less, lessons. You can help me out by filling out out this survey and then sharing it. Thank you so much for helping!


NICHQ Launches Unprecedented National Effort to Increase Breastfeeding Rates in US Hospitals

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbilical cord has not yet been cut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m so happy about our local hospital getting a grant to help them work on becoming baby friendly. The first link here is the press release and the second is the list of 90 hospitals across the nation getting the grants.

I have spoken once before about the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. A hospital taking the BFHI steps will help so many more Momma’s and babies get to have the wonderful bond and relationship of breastfeeding.

No breastfeeding is not always easy or beautiful and some times it does down right hurt (thanks to new teeth). I have never heard a woman say “I wish I had formula fed” but I have heard many say “I wish I would have”… “tried”…”not stopped”….”had milk” (don’t get me started on that one)….”know more and had more help”. When a hospital takes these steps to becoming a BFHI many of these statements and pit falls could be avoided by many.

My hope and wish is for every mother to at least try to breastfeed. I would love to see that the U.S. not only meet the goal of have 75% of babies born in the U.S. to start out breast feeding But to exceed that and have 90% of babies start out breastfeeding and 75% still exclusivity breastfed at 3 months. Now that is a goal to have!

Do you know how much newborns need?…

Do you know how much newborns need?…

5-7ml. Most of the time they are spending at the breast is for them to learn how to latch and to stimulate your body to produce more milk.

They are also nursing often in the beginning for comfort. Just imagine how tired they are after birth and if it was long or hard then they need time. Un-swaddle them, lay them on your chest, ask for a warm blanket, and if they don’t do it on their own don’t worry give them time. The hour after delivering my son was wonderful. That first hour after birth is so amazing. They are learning what you smell like, feel like, and how your milk tastes. They realize this taste just like home! because your colostrum tastes like your amniotic fluid they are used to. Take the time to fall in love with your new baby. They are wonderfully made, aren’t they?

P.S. Even if you don’t want to breastfeed your baby have them lay on your chest skin to skin. Let your new baby learn your smell and how you feel. You both need time to meet each other.

Lisa Horstkamp, CLC