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Breastfeeding Health Literacy Survey and Questionnaire

Things are going great in our neck of the woods! How about you?

We are all working hard to get the public supported and educated on birth breastfeeding and more. One of our ladies is part of a food bank that just got started. She will hopefully soon start work on a diaper bank that will include classes on how to use and make cloth diapers!

I’ve been observing birthing classes in preparation to begin some pregnancy and birth classes in the future. That’s something I really want to get started but worry about my adequacy in teaching. I had some pretty quick births and I will have to learn a lot of things that need to be used or may be wanted during longer births.

I do need some help from you all out there, though. I’m trying to do a a quick “Breastfeeding Basics in Less Than 30 minutes” series. We will be starting the class as part of our breastfeeding support group for the Greater Valley area. We will do it once a month for 4-6 weeks. The key to making this work is focusing on the information that is needed most during those quick 30min, or less, lessons. You can help me out by filling out out this survey and then sharing it. Thank you so much for helping!


What To Do About Babies and Peanuts: New Study Finds Early Exposure Can Prevent Allergy

A very interesting read for the Science of Mom. Things to consider if you are introducing foods. I would add though that it is best to wait till after 6 months to add any foods until more research is done. Early intro of food brings risks such as early weaning.

The Science of Mom

You’ve probably already seen headlines about a study showing that feeding children small amounts of peanut products in the first 5 years of life can prevent the development of peanut allergy. The study was conducted in the U.K., led by Gideon Lack of King’s College London, and was published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine (free full text available here).1Why is this study important?

Photo by Sanja Gjenero Photo by Sanja Gjenero

Food allergies are on the rise in Western countries, and peanut allergy is one of the scariest. In the U.S., more than 2% of children and their families are now living with a peanut allergy, representing a 5-fold increase in prevalence since 1997.2,3 And this allergy isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s now the biggest cause of anaphylaxis and death related to food allergy in the U.S.4 This is a huge concern to parents wondering…

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