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Does Breastfeeding Hurt Anyone?

One of my favorite pictures of bubba made it in to this one 🙂 he’s the one with the cammo hat.
I ask this question to myself quite a bit when people start asking about why families choose to full term breastfed, or try to discourage families. Who does it hurt? No one it is only a benefit.


I have successfully breastfed all my children. I consider myself very fortunate. I know many mothers that desperately wanted to breastfeed and for several reasons were not able to. They battled guilt, depression, and harsh judgement.

I honestly never thought anything about breastfeeding until I had my first son. I do not even remember Jarred and I discussing it while I was pregnant with Lewis. I made the decision when he entered this world and they placed him on my chest. It just felt right to me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a naive 23-year-old that thought how hard can it be? Ha! It was exhausting, rewarding, stressful, painful, demanding, but it was incredible. My body was producing everything my baby needed. I cried every time he latched on. Sure my hormones were out of whack, but I was crying from the pain of having a…

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About Blessed Are The Mothers

My name is Lisa Horstkamp and I am a private practice lactation counselor and a Birth and bereavement Doula. I became a certified doula with stillbirthday as of October 2015. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) with The Healthy Children Project of April 2015. CLC Scope of practice: SBD Doula Principles of Service (Scope) I'm a southern woman born and bred. I am raising my "Southern Bell" and "bubba" the way I see fit. I started out breastfeeding my oldest but without good support I ended up using formula and not meeting my breastfeeding goal. I breastfed my youngest for 33 months, until he no longer requested, far out reaching my original goal of 6 months. It would not have been possible without the abundant support from my IBCLC and other breastfeeding moms in the support group at our local hospital. I'm on path to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the next few years and looking forward to increasing support for my area.

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