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Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

Have you ever heard of the Ten Steps to Successful breastfeeding ? Seen them? Read them? Know them? love them?

Here they are if you have never seen them, or just need a refresher:

The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding are as follows:
1. Have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all health care staff.

2. Train all health care staff in skills necessary to implement this policy.

3. Inform all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breastfeeding.

4. Help mothers initiate breastfeeding within a half-hour of birth.

5. Show mothers how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation even if they should be separated from their infants.

6. Give newborn infants no food or drink other than breast-milk, unless medically indicated.

7. Practice rooming-in—allow mothers and infants to remain together—24 hours a day.

8. Encourage breastfeeding on demand.

9. Give no artificial teats or pacifiers (also called dummies or soothers) to breastfeeding infants.

10. Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support groups and refer mothers to them on discharge from the hospital or clinic.

When I gave birth to my children these were not being followed in the hospitals I birthed in, though one hospital did better at helping me meet my personal breastfeeding goals than the other.

With my first I got #3, #8, #6 waa waa waaa
With my second I got #3, #4, #6, #8, #10

Number 10, oh number 10, I can’t say enough about number 10. The support group at the hospital I gave birth to my son at was a life saver. It helped me establish relationships with other breastfeeding moms, and know that I was not alone. I Learned what mistakes I had made, whether in my control or outside of my control, and what to do.I feel that I made life long friends. I completely and wholeheartedly know that without them I wouldn’t have met my goals. The friends I made have different breastfeeding stories and we all had different issues and breastfed different lengths of time, but we supported each other! We messaged on social media, we posted to each others accounts, and we watched our children grow. Now we are all are breastfeeding counselors looking to make a difference in others moms lives, and support their goals.

I’m most likely done having children, but it doesn’t take away the passion I developed over 33 months of breastfeeding and nurturing my son at the breast. They are not finished with their families and I will be there for them when they expand and have there 2nd children.

In America many of our Grandmothers and mothers were told that they couldn’t breastfed or shouldn’t breastfeed for the last 60+ years. In so many cultures the family is the support group. The family says “hey, is that latch comfortable? that baby is only on the tip that’s going to hurt!” or “yeah, newborns nurse a lot that’s totally normal, you’re doing great!!” For many our families don’t know how to breastfeed, or tried and were given terrible information. Support groups are important to grow our generation back into breastfeeding being the norm.

P.S. Thanks Girls


About Blessed Are The Mothers

My name is Lisa Horstkamp and I am a private practice lactation counselor and a Birth and bereavement Doula. I became a certified doula with stillbirthday as of October 2015. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) with The Healthy Children Project of April 2015. CLC Scope of practice: SBD Doula Principles of Service (Scope) I'm a southern woman born and bred. I am raising my "Southern Bell" and "bubba" the way I see fit. I started out breastfeeding my oldest but without good support I ended up using formula and not meeting my breastfeeding goal. I breastfed my youngest for 33 months, until he no longer requested, far out reaching my original goal of 6 months. It would not have been possible without the abundant support from my IBCLC and other breastfeeding moms in the support group at our local hospital. I'm on path to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the next few years and looking forward to increasing support for my area.

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