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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Bad Breastfeeding Advice we have all been a victim

We have all been a victim of bad breastfeeding advice. Some of us knew we were given bad advice and ignored it politely and others fell into the traps. Remember all your baby needs is you! The warmth of your body, the milk from your breast, and love from your heart. Don’t be pushed or bullied into anything. ALWAYS question anyone dr., nurse, family, or whom ever why they are suggesting that you give your baby anything but your milk for the first 6 months. Dr.’s arn’t always trained in breastfeeding and they are NOT experts in the subject. Same goes for nurses and family members. The experts in breastfeeding are Lactation Specialists(IBCLC). If supplementation is ever suggested you should contact your Lactation consultant pronto!

CLICK SOME OF THE MOST COMMON Bad Breastfeeding advice.

great job with putting this list together!